BluePrint Assessments

Sales Octane’s BluePrint Assessments measure three key sciences of each participant; Behaviors (DISC), Motivators (Driving Forces) and Competencies.
The assessment results will; VALIDATE the “gut feeling” with quantifiable data, INITIATE the conversation over areas for improvement by providing leadership with checklists on how to “Communicate” and “Manage” personnel and FACILITATE the creation of an action plan to develop weaknesses.
This great tool can be used to help find the right fit for existing personnel and for hiring new sales professionals.  Gain the advantage now and turn your sales team into a sales FORCE!

Assessment Options

  • DISC – Measures Behaviors
  • Talent Insights – Measures Behaviors and Motivators, which are called Driving Forces
  • BluePrint DNA – Measures Behaviors, Motivators (Driving Forces) and Competencies (i.e. Personal Accountability, Employee Development, Interpersonal Skills, etc…)

Key Features

  • Administered via online link (passcode protection available upon request)
  • Immediate results after completion
  • Custom designation of who sees the results (participant, manager, both, other, etc…)
  • Complete team Style Insights Wheel Report (Plot entire team on one wheel)
  • *Comparison Report (directly compares one individual’s scores to another for any team member who has taken the Talent Insights or DNA assessment)
  • *Debriefing Webinars available with a Sales Octane team member
  • Online link is available within 1-2 hours of receipt of payment
  • We accept all major credit cards
*optional feature – extra charges may apply

BluePrint Assessment Inquiry

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  • Include sales people, supervisors / managers, executives and new hires
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