About Jim Ryerson

Jim Ryerson is the Founder and Chief Acceleration Officer of Sales Octane, Inc.   He believes that there is no better time for Great Companies and Great People.  He started his selling career with one of America’s most admired corporations that was ranked among the top 25 sales forces in the country by Sales and Marketing Magazine.

After a successful selling career, Jim launched Sales Octane and began using his gifts to train sales forces globally. His presentations combine the psychology of selling with the fundamentals of selling to equip sales professionals with the skills needed to succeed. Referred to as Mr. “Likability”, Jim has created a formula for Sales Success that leverages the natural strengths and talents of sales professionals to create selling machines.
Jim is the author of four books: First 100 Days of Selling and First 100 Days of In-home Selling, Selling by THE BOOK Today; Timeless Wisdom in a Referral-based World, and his newest book, EXECUTE: Selling in a Distracted World…continue reading