DISC Assessments

Gain the advantage of learning Behavioral Styles by taking the DISC Assessment.  Knowing how YOU (or your team) behave naturally and adaptively is the first step in identifying the “Do’s and Don’ts” of effective communication with each of the behavioral styles that your customers possess.  The more effective you communicate with each of the styles, the more “likable” you will appear, AND, people buy from people they like!

This great tool can be used to help find the right fit for existing personnel and for hiring new sales professionals.  Gain the advantage now!

Three Versions of DISC

Sales Assessment

This assessment should be used if you are in a Sales position or plan to take a Sales position.


This assessment should be used if you are in a Management or Staff position or plan to take a Management or Staff position.


This assessment should be used if you are in an Executive role or plan to take an Executive role.

Key Features

  • Administered via online link (passcode protection available upon request)
  • Immediate results after completion
  • Custom designation of who sees the results (participant, manager, both, other, etc…)
  • Complete team Style Insights Wheel Report (Plot entire team on one wheel)
  • Online link is available shortly after payment verification
  • We accept all major credit cards

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