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Sales Octane data reported from over 2700 surveyed. Other NPS® scores reported from Customer Guru.

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Net Promoter Score SM (NPS®):  What Gets Measured, Gets DONE!

The Importance of Refer-ability

NPS® is a simple but powerful tool to measure client satisfaction with one single question, an indication of the growth potential of your company or product.

Digital Notes

What does Sales Octane use?

Bring everyday note taking to the next level by utilizing the iPencil in conjunction with the revolutionary note taking app called Notes Plus X (available for the iPad).


The innovative features include:
  • Use your handwriting in documents (handwritten notes are searchable)
  • Folder organization for your notebooks
  • Import external PDF’s to add personal notes
  • Collaborate and share by exporting as a PDF or to Dropbox
  • Being more visual by converting hand drawn shapes into crisp images
  • Type text directly into documents (even convert your handwriting to text)
  • Record audio notes

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Video 142:  Why your behavior style is critical