EXECUTE: Selling in a Distracted World


The Tale of Shiny Objects and Execute

In July 2017 the diagnosis of Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder was not a real surprise. It basically confirmed what my family and those I worked with knew for over 5 decades. The challenge was what to do with the new information. Adding to the urgency was a realization that a disproportionate number of the salespeople we were training often referenced their desire to pursue shiny objects. This led to an 18 month effort to identify the principles in this book, EXECUTE. The fundamentals of selling outlined in First 100 Days of Selling and First 100 Days of In-home Selling remain essential to sales success. The intensity of the waves of change outlined in Selling By The BOOK Today continue to increase making it more important to become “good” and connected. The challenge is there is no shortage of new distractions to keep us getting things done. Whether clinically diagnosed or simply experiencing a lack of focus, productivity or sales results the principles in this book will give you the framework to begin your journey to EXECUTE as the SalesPRO!