SalesMap Program

Why is it we spend so much time figuring out the structure of who reports to who and who fills the seats and so little time on the structure of how we accomplish results?

Most salespeople are working harder than ever and getting fewer results. One reason is the lack of a clearly defined sales process. As salespeople get busier they begin to exchange “activity” for results. It’s not entirely their fault…we typically only ask for the end result and leave it up to them to figure out how to get the result. The SalesMap is a visual way of sharing that a successful sale is the result of a series of steps.

The Sales Octane SalesMap is a custom developed process map of your sales process. Our facilitator spends time with your team to clearly define the step by step approach you currently use to sell your products and services. This visual SalesMap becomes the starting point for implementing “best practices” you and your team identify during the course of doing business. The Sales Octane SalesMap becomes the visual standard of how you get results.

Using the SalesMap, a company’s leadership can implement key measurements and expectations. These measurements and expectations can be clearly defined on the map. The SalesMap can also be used as a “neutral” document to identify areas where improvement is needed.

The bottom line is sales professionals follow a process and are always improving their process. The Sales Octane SalesMap is a proven method for documenting, communicating and driving expectations throughout the sales organization!

Our facilitator meets with whoever you designate and leads the completion of the map. The map is then converted into an excel spreadsheet and final changes are made. The map is then plotted out on a large wall chart. The excel spreadsheet is then sent to you so they can make changes as they improve their sales process.

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The Sales Continuum

The Sales Continuum is a methodology and a mindset that builds perpetual referrals into your sales process. Imagine a sales model that continues to churn out quality prospects with increased efficiency. That’s exactly what the Sales Continuum does.

The Sales Continuum is a powerful sales approach that helps you excel in today’s marketplace. It is designed to:

  • Improve Your Sales Effectiveness – We equip you to find and get in front of the right people, at the right time, ask the right questions, provide the right solutions and obtain the order.
  • Increase Your Sales Efficiency – Getting more of the “right” things done in less time.
  • Get Better Results From Your Sales Efforts – This typically translates to increased sales but it may also include market sale, converting competitively held accounts or other strategic initiatives.
  • Increase Your Profitability – Our focus is on finding the sales opportunities where customers will recognize the most value from your product or service and be willing to pay for it!

Sales Octane begins with the end in mind; becoming referable. That is the ultimate goal behind everything we teach at Sales Octane. To become referable you need to have a great sales organization. That includes great sales professionals, consistent excellent service, great “product”, and exceeding the customer’s expectations!

For decades the sales process has been presented as a funnel or pipeline with a start and end point. The starting point is networking and cold-call prospecting and the end point is the close. Everything after the close is not considered “sales.” This is often why salespeople shun accountability for implementation and follow through. They feel their job is to get to the “close” and the rest of the company is accountable for fulfilling the order. Yet the most efficient path to quality prospects and increased sales is through existing satisfied customers who are referring you to others or are willing to be a reference. Our strategy is to implement a sales discipline that results in your sales professionals taking 100% accountability for the entire project. They nurture referrals throughout the entire sales process and collect on that effort after the customer is completely satisfied. These “referrals” will result in faster and more profitable sales.

In two days we cover all the traditional steps in the sales process, including:

  • Networking – “Creating Collisions”
  • Prospecting – Implementing a disciplined prospecting process
  • Qualifying – Understanding what makes your perfect client
  • Creating Value – Planning the call
  • Making the Proposal
  • Closing
  • Performing
  • Documenting Value &
  • Referrals

Health Care Sales

Selling to the health care industry is a unique and challenging process. It is also a high growth area for the next decade and those who face the challenge will reap the rewards. The Sales Continuum is ideally suited for selling into the health care market and has been proven with many different products, services and distribution models. During this program we emphasize the networking, prospecting, creating value and referral portions of the Sales Continuum. This targeted selling system will reduce the time it takes to identify and close opportunities and ultimately lead to an ongoing sales pipeline.

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AccountMap Account Strategy Workshop

Why do certain sales professionals seem to be able to penetrate new accounts? Is there a way to duplicate their success?

While there are many factors involved in converting a competitively held account and developing larger contracts with existing customers there are several common themes.

The AccountMap™ program addresses each of these common themes:

  • A clearly defined sales goal and timeframe
  • Understanding of the customer/prospects decision making process
  • Confirmation of the key influencers and their responsibility in the decision making process
  • The formal (organization chart) & informal (power relationship) structure of the customer/prospects company
  • Your companies competitive advantage and leverage points
  • Your competitions situation and their strengths & weaknesses
  • Your area(s) of concern & weakness
  • How the prospect/customer qualifies as both a short term customer and a long term client
  • Solid written steps to move the sale forward
  • Specific written deliverables and accountability for each step

Sales professionals who successfully incorporate these themes into their account strategy improve their ability to win! The AccountMap™ is both the process to develop the strategy and the visual evolution of that strategy.

This 2-day workshop is tailored to your industry, your customers and your sales process. Call 888 628 2638 for more details!

Powerful Presentation Skills Workshop

Whether speaking in front of a large group, delivering a proposal to a small committee or sharing your solutions with a customer, presentation skills are essential. Using many of the concepts, techniques and strategies of both the Sales Continuum™ and AccountMap™ programs the Powerful Presentation Skills™ workshop will equip sales professionals to make a positive impact with every presentation.

The Powerful Presentation Skills™ workshop includes both how to prepare and then how to deliver a powerful presentation. This highly interactive program is designed to:

  • Lay out the formula for developing a successful presentation including anticipating and preparing for objections as well as getting the desired outcome!
  • Tie the presentation to the specific needs expressed by the customer before and during the presentation
  • Help the sales professional to read the style of the participants and modify their presentation approach
  • Improve the confidence of the presenter
  • Turn salespeople into outstanding sales presentation professionals

Our approach is to develop role-plays and practical presentation situations that are consistent with what your sales professionals encounter. Our team of trainers will work directly with your organization to develop several scenarios which will transcend the entire workshop and build from step to step. These scenarios would also be specific to your product/service.

We videotape the presenters and/or presentation teams as they use the workshop skills in practical role-play situations. Our facilitator and, if desired, your corporate personnel play the role of the customer as we seek to simulate what a sales professional in your industry might encounter.

The facilitator and participants provide constructive, positive feedback using our coaching approach. Our goal is to build a team of sales presentation professionals by building them up!


The Powerful Presentation Skills™ workshop requires an investment of two days of workshop training.

Class size:

Class size is limited to a maximum of 15 participants. This allows for videotaping review and maximum participation from every participant.

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