Rev up your sales team with high-octane selling fuel!

Sell Smart, Sell More

Whether Outside Sales, Inside Sales, Business Development, Account Management, face to face, phone to phone or shared screen and video, the fundamentals of how to Influence your Clients to TRUST in your product or service remain the same. If your goal is to increase sales revenue, profitability, motivate your salespeople or accelerate the speed of a new sales recruit, that’s what we do at Sales Octane.

Fast growth companies, Legacy companies, new salespeople or seasoned sales professionals, we map our your sales process (using the SalesMap™), capture your sales best practices, and incorporate your Contact Relationship Management System to ensure the Sales Process is executed flawlessly. Utilizing Social Selling tools such as LinkedIN, Google Alerts and other emerging platforms we help your organization develop the best practices and techniques to accelerate sales growth.

At the core of our process is the salesperson and their sales behavior. We begin with a Sales Behavioral Assessment tool to help target their strength and identify areas for improvement. It works. And because new technique and habit change requires repetition we provide each salesperson with Shot Of Octane™, the mobile Sales Training APP!

Each applicable Sales Training Video is aligned with your steps in your sales process on your SalesMap™.  The videos include an illustration along with the training of WHY it will work, WHAT to do, HOW to do it and WHEN to use the technique! It WILL work! Ask our clients.