Motivational Training to Ignite Your Sales Professionals

SalesOctane fuels up your sales force – bringing new life to your sales machine.

SalesOctane is dedicated to creating the next generation of sales professionals. Founded by Jim Ryerson, Sales Octane combines energy, anecdotes and real-life examples into motivational presentations that ignite your sales professionals and drive them to a new level using a proven approach to selling. This approach, the Sales Continuum, applies time-honored sales and marketing principles, combined with Jim’s extensive personal selling experience, to help sales professionals achieve new levels of sales performance.

The Sales Octane approach gives your sales people resources to burn their sales fuel more efficiently. It allows sales professionals to focus on their individual strengths and concentrate on efforts that go beyond closing the sale. It also creates a perpetual selling cycle that, when operating efficiently, can refill the sales pipeline at a much faster rate.

Audiences can’t get enough of Jim Ryerson’s high-octane training. His combination of insight, motivation, energy and enthusiasm leaves sales professionals feeling confident, re-energized and ready to sell.