Restoration Domination Octane Pack

You’ve heard of the natural sales professional, but the reality is everyone has “natural” selling skills. The challenge is that most salespeople go through their career never knowing their natural sales strengths or worse they don’t know how to fully leverage their strengths to dominate their industry. Restoration domination and sales octane have combined to help you both identify your natural sales strengths and show you how to leverage it for sales success!
Whether you sell directly to the consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) or both we have you covered! Each package includes the SalesPro success survey, signed copies of both the first hundred days of selling (B2B) and The first hundred days of in-home selling (B2C), plus several customized training videos to help you leverage the 26+ pages of information from your personalized SalePro Sales Success Survey.
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As soon as you place your order you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the videos and then within 1-3 days Jim will sign the books and also send you the link to take the SalePro Sales Success Survey.  Once you complete the survey you will immediately get your results and you are on your way to leverage your natural selling strengths!  If you are a Manager this is a great investment into your salesperson and your sales team